New Discoveries and Opportunities in Vanilla Science

We encourage every attendee to bring a poster with them to the meeting on any subject on vanilla.  If any are interested in a poster, please send us a title, and a short abstract on what you are planning to present and we will post it on the website.

Students will receive a discount in their registration as long as they bring a poster.

The dimensions of the poster are:

55 inches high x 40 inches wide

(4.5 feet high x 3.3 feet wide)

Click Below To see Abstract

“Change in Polygalacturonase Activities During Vanilla Bean Development” 
T. Wongsheree, C. Wongs-Aree, and P. KaewchaemPoster_-_T._Wongsheree.html
“Cultural Significance of Vanilla in Mexico” 
 Rebeca A. Menchaca García and Miguel A. Lozano RodríguezPoster_-_Miguel_Rodriguez.html

“Establishment of an in vitro germplasm bank: an option to conserve Mexican vanilla species“ 
Miguel A. Lozano Rodríguez and Rebeca A. Menchaca García

“Characterization of two caffeoyl CoA O-methyltransferase-like genes from the hair cells of developing Vanilla pods”
Thomas Widiez, Thomas G. Hartman, Nativ Dudai, Qing Yan, Michael Lawton, Daphna Havkin-Frenkel, Faith C. Belanger
“Impact of Climate Stress on Vanilla planifolia G. Jackson CV “Mansa” in Veracruz, Mexico”
Juan Hernández HernándezPoster_-_Juan_Hernandez_Hernandez.html
“Introducing a New Region to Grow Vanilla planifolia: Junin, Peru”
Gustavo Uccelli and Monica UccelliPoster_-_Ucellis.html